How do I sign up for the Nevers Magny-Cours Triathlon?

Registration is online only, via our dedicated page, from


I don’t have an FFTRI license – can I still take part?

Yes, but you must register for a “Competition Pass” for the event, at an additional cost. Furthermore, you must provide a medical certificate, signed and stamped by a doctor, stating that you have no pre-existing medical condition that would prevent you from participating in a competitive triathlon. The certificate must be no more than 12 months old. Download the medical certificate in French and in English by clicking here. 


How do I know if my registration has been successful?

A confirmation of your registration will be emailed to you. If you haven’t received it, don’t forget to check your spam. You can also see a full list of participants in the “Registration” section of the website.


How are race numbers allocated?

Race numbers will be allocated by the organisers.


Can a friend collect my race number on my behalf?

Yes, provided they have a copy of your ID, your French licence, and your medical certificate if not already uploaded to the site with your registration. Without them, they will not be able to collect your race number.

Does the whole relay team have to be there to collect race numbers?

For the relay triathlon, only one team member is required to collect the race numbers, which they must then distribute to the rest of the team.


When can I collect my race number?

Race numbers can ONLY be collected at the times specified in the “Programme” section of the website.


Is any cancellation insurance included in the registration fee?

No, there is no cancellation insurance included in the registration fee.


about the race

When can I rack my bike?

Bikes can ONLY be racked at the times specified in the “Programme” section of the website.


Is transportation provided between the briefing area and the swim warm-up zone?

It is just 300m between the briefing area and the swim warm-up zone, so you can walk on the tarmac (which may be hot) or in the grass alongside the road.


How are the start times staggered?

Female competitors will start in a separate wave, before the male competitors.


Where can I leave my stuff?

There will be a covered area provided inside transition. The public will not have access to this area, but all athletes will. No responsibility will be taken for lost or stolen property from the transition area.


Will there be hydration available on the route?

Yes, there will be hydration zones on both the sprint and Olympic routes. See the individual race descriptions to find out where.


Will there be cut-off times for the different disciplines?

Yes. See the regulations to find out the cut-off times for your race. These times are there to ensure the smooth running of the event. Please note that these times are set for beginners so you should be fine!


How is the race timed?

A chip will be provided with your race number. It should be worn around the ankle during the entire event. The chip will also act as a baton for the relay event and should be passed over to the next teammate at each transition. If you do not return your chip, you will be charged €30. Tip: Wear the chip on your left ankle to avoid it getting caught up in your bike chain.


races rules

The Nevers Magny-Cours Triathlon is governed by FFFTRI sports rules.


What types of bike are allowed in the race?

Road bikes, town bikes and mountain bikes are all permitted. Fixies without brakes and eBikes are not allowed.


Are wetsuits compulsory?

The water temperature will be measured one hour before the start of each race. The rules governing wetsuits are as follows:

  • Wetsuits are compulsory if the water temperature is below 16°C
  • Wetsuits are permitted but not compulsory if the water temperature is between 16-24°C
  • Wetsuits are prohibited if the water temperature is over 24°C


Are cycling helmets compulsory?

A helmet must be worn at all times on the bike and FFTRI rules must be respected. When walking with your bike, you must wear your helmet done up under your chin.


How do I attach my race number? Do I have to wear it in the water?

Race numbers must be worn at all times. It must be visible as soon as you collect your bike until you cross the finish line. It must be worn on the lower back on the bike and on the stomach when running. It must not be cut or folded or obscured. Race numbers must be attached in a minimum of three places, including when using a race belt. It is recommended that you do not wear your race number when swimming.


You can buy a race belt from our partner, Rando Running, in Nevers.


What is drafting?

Drafting involves riding close behind another rider to reduce wind resistance and be more aerodynamic, thus saving energy.


Is drafting permitted on the bike course?

Drafting is prohibited. FFTRI rules require a minimum of 10m between cyclists or 2m when overtaking.


Can I use my mp3 or smartphone during the race?

The use of mp3s and smartphones is prohibited.


Can I use a GoPro-type camera?

Cameras are permitted but must be attached to the bike and not worn on the helmet and must present no risk for the athlete or any other competitors. If an official believes your camera poses a danger, it must be removed on the day of the race. Under no circumstances can recorded footage be used to contest an official decision. But don’t hesitate to send us your footage so we can share it!