Olympic distance


The star discipline at the Nevers Magny-Cours Triathlon is the Olympic-distance triathlon, and this year’s event should satisfy everyone’s expectations. Firstly, because this will once again be a hard-fought race as it was at the last edition when Kevin Maurel stole the crown from the Nièvre’s very own Anthony Pannier, who had previously won the event multiple times.


The inclusion of the legendary Formula One circuit at Magny-Cours will be the highlight of the race. This is a private track where just a privileged few have the chance to take its corners behind the wheel. And on 15 August, it will be you on your bike as you try to clock the best lap and win a prize worthy of your efforts!


The run will also be an exciting part of the challenge. Loyal crowds of supporters will be lining the route which follows a lovely shady path along the water, with two refreshment points. With no hills and a good road surface, this is the perfect opportunity for a personal best!


Are you ready for the challenge?

The route

Swim - 1.5km

The race will start between two buoys, just below the warm-up zone. Swimmers can only enter the water from the warm-up zone.



This race will involve two laps for a total distance of 1500m, after which swimmers will head to the exit ramp.

Bike - 40km

The route heads out to the racetrack and back again

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Timed lap of the track

After exiting the southern end of transition, you will follow the first part of the sprint bike route for a few kilometres. Once you reach Sermoise, you’ll then follow the canal to the port before tackling the toughest part of the route, namely the hill at Plagny, which rises for 3km and, while not particularly steep, will be a challenging start with 90 meters of climbing. Once you arrive at the top of the hill, the route is slightly downhill from there, all the way to the racetrack. You’ll have a chance to spin for a few clicks and ready yourself to ride your best lap! 


Despite appearances, the circuit is not without its own challenges. Although you’ll be lucky to race the 4.441m-track in 1’ 13” like Fernando Alonso did in 2004 when he set the track record, you’ll have to manage your efforts very well to be in with a chance of taking the crown from Matthieu Bourgeois who set the triathlon record in 2016, completing the circuit in 6’ 22”, racing at more than 41.5kph. What’s more, this is a rolling track, and even on a bike, you’ll have to choose the perfect race line. And with large open spaces, your number one enemy will probably be the wind.


Once you’ve done your lap, you’ll head for Chevenon, and apart from a few gentle bumps, the route is a relatively flat one. But be careful once you reach the village as there is a short, sharp descent with a tricky turn at the top and speed bumps at the bottom you’ll need to take care with.


The next stretch is totally flat apart from a kilometre-long rise with 40m of climbing, which starts straight after the bridge over the canal, just before Sermoise. Take a few seconds to admire the view from the top!



The end is almost in sight at you head back to the port at La Jonction with Nevers as the backdrop. The last stretch is flat or even downhill, and will give you a chance to boost your average speed as you coast into transition, ready to run.


Run - 10km

The run presents no particular challenges.


You will leave transition through the north exit by the water station. Then you will follow the road to the canal bridge (green trail).


At the bridge, you will join the blue canal trail, which you will complete twice. Another refreshment zone can be found at the half-way point, just before the lock bridge. The route is in the shade, with a stabilised or tarmacked surface, and is completely flat.


Once you reach the bridge after the second lap, there’s only another 400 metres to go (red trail) before you reach the finish line and the cheering spectators who will be standing on the side-lines to encourage and congratulate you for having completed the Nevers Magny-Cours Sprint Triathlon – congratulations!